SALT - A Geneva Serveathon 2016

If you have any questions left unanswered, please contact Kelly Mathis at

  • Can parents participate in SALT? Absolutely. We would love for as many parents as possible to come alongside their child and help with SALT. Grandparents are welcome too. Each project has specific needs, so ask the project team captain(s) listed on page 3 of your child's fundraising brochure for more information. This information is also in the team overviews available on the EVENTS DETAILS page. Please make other arrangements for little ones if you wish to volunteer.
  • When will we receive our SALT Serveathon t-shirt? Each student participant will receive his/her t-shirt on Thursday, September 29. Please remember to wear it on Friday, September 30.
  • What happens if it rains on SALT day and my project is outside? SALT Serveathon will happen rain or shine.
  • Should I bring my lunch or will the school provide it? Everyone should plan on bringing a packed picnic lunch for the day (except for third and twelfth graders). Snacks and water will be provided, but bring extra water.
  • What if I lose my SALT user name and password? Or, what if I’m having trouble logging onto the SALT website? Please contact Sarah Cloke at for your username/password or for technical assistance. 
  • Do all pledges have to be entered into the SALT fundraising website? YES. The SALT website is much like an online pledge sign-up sheet. When a pledge is entered, students can track the progress of their fundraising efforts and follow up. In the grammar school, teachers can tell how close their class is to reaching fundraising milestones for class incentives. In the upper school, senior house captains can tell how close their house is to reaching fundraising milestones for house incentives. Finally, when pledges are entered, the school is able to send important tax receipts to your donors.  
  • Can donors make online donations? Yes. Online donations made through the SALT website are the fastest and easiest ( If donors are responding to asks via emails or social media, the link will take them directly to your page. They may also go to the SALT website and select Find a Student in the navigation panel. Once they locate and click on your name, they will then follow the prompts for inputting their name, address, and method of payment. If they are having difficulty, offer to input their pledge and ask them to send a check to the school. Please have checks made payable to The Geneva School.
  • Can people make a donation via cash or check? Of course. Donations can be mailed to the school (checks only), dropped at the front desk, or sent in with a student. Please have donors include a note if sending cash or write the student’s name on the memo line if sending a check. NOTE: please have a corresponding pledge entered into the SALT website prior to submitting donations. If this is not possible, submit the donation with the Off-line Donation Form. To print the form, simply go to the SALT website and select Fundraising Tools from the navigation panel. Select the form to download and print.
  • What do I need to bring to school on SALT day? Your SALT t-shirt. Other than that, each grade has a specific game plan for the day, so it’s best to refer to the Project Overview in your child's SALT packet and on the EVENTS DETAILS page. If you have additional questions, you may contact the team leaders of your project.
  • Can I put a post on Facebook to promote SALT? Absolutely! Social media is an excellent way to secure donations from friends near and far. Your page on the SALT website allows you to push out Facebook and Twitter posts with links back to your donation page. 
  • Are donations tax deductible? Yes. Donations are 100% tax deductible and donors will receive a gift statement for year-end tax purposes as long as we have their name and address information entered into the SALT website. 
  • My child has a car. Can they drive to the service location? For liability purposes, no students will drive on SALT day. Parents and employees will drive to and from the service locations.
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