SALT - A Geneva Serveathon 2016

Education is, at heart, about change; it is actively calling for a student to move from the darkness of ignorance into the light of understanding. It is transformative as some change alters our thinking and some challenges our hearts, wills, character, and actions. SALT … A Geneva Serveathon, an all-school fundraiser, provides an experience for our whole community that will, prayerfully, be an agent of change that captures our imagination on behalf of our neighbor.

The students, faculty, staff and parents will volunteer a day to serve numerous local non-profits. The students will ask friends, family, and neighbors to support their efforts with prayer and through financial pledges. When people support SALT, they enable The Geneva School to continue providing an education that cultivates an enduring love of learning, a commitment to serve others, and a dedication to the pursuit of the good, true, and beautiful. We trust that God uses the education to shape our students' thinking, character, and hearts for the glory of God.

Thank you for your interest in coming alongside our school as we endeavor to raise the funds necessary to educate while also putting our hands to the plow serving our neighbor.


Robert Ingram

The Geneva School seeks to instill in students a desire to love beauty, think deeply, and pursue Christ's calling.

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