SALT - A Geneva Serveathon 2016

Set up your personal SALT page

  • Click on Participant Login.
  • Enter your username and password located on the back page of your booklet and click Login.
  • Once logged in, you will be directed to Personal Settings.  
  • On the My Page tab, you can customize your personal fundraising statement (one is already provided), increase your goal amount, upload photos, or add videos.

Make your fundraising list
When making your list, start with those you know will be willing to sponsor you like parents, grandparents, or people who have given in the past. Other ideas may include friends on a sports team, people you know at church, service professionals like your mom’s hairdresser, your dentist, or even your family veterinarian.  Take your potential donor list and decide when you want to contact them. It may get overwhelming to try and do it all at once, but don’t wait until the last minute! The fundraising window is just over four weeks from our kick-off date of August 31. The deadline for all donations to be submitted is October 14, 2016. 

Ask for donations
To get comfortable describing your grade’s SALT project to friends and family, refer to the enclosed fundraising statement. This will help you to hit the important highlights about your service project when talking to potential donors. At first, it may seem awkward to ask for donations. But remember, people love to support charitable causes like The Geneva School, especially when they see how much it means to you. Another great resource is the enclosed tri-fold brochure, especially if you are talking with people face to face. Feel free to leave it with your potential donors to review, fill out, and send in with their donation. If you plan to send ask letters in the mail to family and friends enclose the brochure too. Contact Kelly Mathias at for additional copies.

Go social
Use Facebook to spread the word about SALT. Once you have logged in to the SALT website, click the button for View Personal Page. Once there, you can share the SALT video and a message via a valid Facebook or even a Twitter account. If this is your parent’s account, make sure they are available to assist you. You’d be surprised how many people make donations through social media. On Facebook you’ll have options to share the message through the general newsfeed or as a private message. The link brings donors directly back to your personal SALT page where donors can easily make an online pledge in your name. 

Track your progress
Has someone agreed to sponsor you? Did they make the pledge and payment online? Way to go! (Don’t forget a thank you note.) However, if someone agreed to sponsor you but has not yet made an online payment, be sure the pledge gets entered on the SALT website under your name. This can be done by your donor or by you. Just log onto the website and enter the donation with your name as participant. Why is this important? First, it’s important for you because it will help you better manage fundraising efforts from beginning to end. Next, it’s important for your class because your teacher can track how close your class is to reaching its goals. Finally, it’s important for donors because the pledge allows us to create and send a donation statement for tax filing purposes. Your donors have until October 9th to make their SALT payments online or by check or cash.

Powerful tools on your personal page!
Once you login to the SALT website with your participant username and password, you will be able to take advantage of important tools that make it easy to get the word out about SALT. 

  • Send an email that contains a link back to your SALT webpage so the recipient can easily make an online sponsorship in your name.
  • Post fundraising status updates or personal messages on Facebook that contain a link back to your SALT webpage so the recipient can easily make an online sponsorship in your name.  
  • Upload pictures and videos of you on SALT day.
  • Send thank you email notes to people who have made donations in your name. 
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